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10 Free Tools to Simplify Graphic Design

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Graphic design is scary, but lucky for you there are loads of online tools out there that can help you make your awesome brand stand out from the crowd. I’ve been a designer for over 12 years, and even I rely on some of these online design tools and resources to help me in my work. There’s something in this list for everything from choosing a color scheme and finding fonts to editing photos and making killer blog graphics. Whether you’re designing a whole new brand or a new blog graphic, there is no doubt you’ll find at least one of these 10 free tools to simplify graphic design on this list helpful.



MyFonts — This should be your website to hit when looking for fonts that come from big design houses and font foundries. This is my number one resource for fonts that I need to download to my computer. Some of the fonts have a free weight you can download, but most are paid. 

Google Fonts & Adobe TypeKit — These two get lumped together because they do the same thing. Do you want to go beyond the default fonts like Arial, Times and Verdana on your website? Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit are the answer. Small bit of code is needed, don't be scared as it's very straightforward. The good news is that both are free, which is awesome :)


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Creative Market — Creative Market or Etsy for designers as I like to call it. It's an amazing marketplace where you can buy textures, fonts, stock images, graphics, mock-ups, patterns and much more. A bonus is that there are plenty of freebies on the site.

Adobe Color — Need a colour palette? Then Adobe Color app for web and mobile allows you to build color palettes from a photo or a base color- awesome. 


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PiktoChart — If your like me then infographics scare the hell out of me, they seem so daunting. Well fear no more as this app lets you use one of their free templates to make gorgeous, pinnable infographics. You can upgrade to a paid version for more features, but I think the free version would suit most of you.

Canva — Canva is an online graphic design platform. It offers free access to a wide assortment of design tools and options, as well as premium options for paying customers. Canva enables you to create that content quickly and easily, even if you have little to no graphic design skills. 




VSCO Cam — The only mobile app I use for editing photos on iPhoneis VSCO. It’s free to download and it comes with a pack of free filters and customisation tools. This is a great option for editing any photos you take on your phone. Couldn't recommend this app highly's amazing.

PicMonkey & Aviary — These two websites are photo editors. You can adjust things like exposure, sharpness, brightness and contrast. These are all things you could do in Photoshop, but they are helpful and not as expensive as Adobe.

Photo credit: Ryan Putnam


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