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10 Stair Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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13 Stair Design Ideas For Small Spaces

The last thing you want to have taking up precious square footage in your small

space is a big bulky staircase. There are a few ways you can add a staircase to your small home that take up little space but make the place fully functional.

Here are 10 examples of staircase design ideas for small spaces.

1. The stair case pulls out when it’s needed but tucks back into the wall when it isn’t. This creates more space in the apartment but still makes getting up to the sleeping area easy.

2. The staircase leading to the loft bed in this apartment also doubles as clothing storage, taking care of two problems with one staircase.

3. A super vertical staircase, like this one, frees up space around the stairs but feels more sturdy than a completely vertical ladder.

4. A ribbon staircase is a great idea for a small space because it’s more vertical than a traditional staircase, it still has wide treads, and it creates a unique focal point in your home.

5. These floating stairs maintain the flow of the apartment and keep it feeling open by letting light pass through the openings in the staircase.



6. A minimal black staircase like this one adds a modern feel to the space and has lots of places to hold onto for extra safety.

7. The treads on these stairs alternate heights and are quite vertical, making them easy to climb and preventing them from taking up too much space.

8. The stairs along the side wall of this apartment are thin enough that they hardly take up any space, but the space that they do take up is made more functional with the inclusion of storage spaces.

9. The thin spiral staircase leading up to the bedroom of this house compliments the other black elements in the home and takes up very little space.

10. These staggered wooden stairs also double as convenient shelving thanks to their cubby-like form.


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